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With the advent of wind power generating plants in Italy,  Gualini Lamiere International  seized this business opportunity immediately having acquired many years’ experience and a significant position on the market in the construction of posts.

Today the company is one of the leading players on the national scene for the design, construction and installation of wind turbine towers.

In this context, Gualini Lamiere International is able to offer its customers turnkey products starting from a customised engineering plan based on the technical specifications of the turbine the customer intends to install. Apart from the tower, the company normally provides the structural calculation for civil engineers, the project for the foundations and, availing itself of specialised assembly teams, it also performs  the installation work.

The towers are produced in polygonal sections and reach a height of up to 60 metres according to the assembly techniques used for the various sections which, according to customer requirements, can be of the flanged or split on joint type.  The materials generally used are the most common carbon steels, stainless steels and high resistance steels. The fields of application are those of the micro, mini and medium wind power towers for turbines of all types.

Gualini Lamiere International has a strong presence in the Green Energy sector for the construction of plants for the production of renewable energy.

The design and construction of wind turbine towers is, undoubtedly, the most important business, but the company also has considerable experience in the production of photovoltaic plants, cogeneration plants and waste-to-energy plants.




To reach the top…


Developed by Gualini Lamiere International Spa

In May 2014,  Gualini Lamiere certified its ladder for wind towers and other vertical structures with the agency ANCCP.

The ladder is equipped with an anti-fall protection system complete with a runner, in compliance with European standards for steel anchorage lines, that runs freely up and down without requiring the use of the hands.


Fitting the platform

MIG ladder

The video shows how the sections of the ladder are assembled

The video shows how the rest platform is fitted

Developed by Gualini Lamiere International Spa


Developped by Gualini Lamiere International Spa


The MIG anti-fall ladder is provided with a central rail coupled to a fall arrester trolley.

It is available in galvanised steel or coated steel.

From comparisons made with similar solutions, the MIG ladder is currently considered to be the safest on the market.

The video shows how the runner arrester is fitted and how it works.


The video shows how the sections of the ladder are assembled

Developed by Gualini Lamiere International Spa

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Ecomondo Fair 2016

Gualini Lamiere international was expositor at Ecomondo fir in Rimini.

The hugest italian fair in the green construction businessies.

We hold a conference with Professor Croce from University of Milan in which we discussed about the processes of eolic generator constraction, where Sir. Croce is one of the most expert man in the country.


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