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The best technology for machining sheet metal

“A service centre only has reason to exist if it places the most advanced technology, the most modern machinery and the most highly developed systems at its customers’ disposal”. Cav. Lorenzo Gualini.


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Thanks to the continuous commitment towards technological updating, Gualini Lamiere International exemplifies a company which has developed in such a way to provide a complete customised subcontracting service.

With its vast range of machinery, the company is able to satisfy the requirements of customers dealing in all the main manufacturing sectors including: transport, infrastructures, the automotive, petrochemical and textile industries and wherever high quality mechanical components in sheet metal are required. Today, the numerical control machines available in the company enable a wide variety of machining work to be carried out on sheet metal: laser cutting, plasma cutting, oxygen-lance cutting, bending, curving, calendering, robotized welding and auxiliary machining.

The lengthy experience acquired in the metallurgical and mechanical industries, the careful selection of the best materials, the continual technological updating of the machinery and the expertise of the personnel form the basis of our customer service which enables us to set up a real collaboration with our customers, sharing together the production objectives and the economic aims of the order.




Materials machined:

- Structural steels: S235, 275, 355, DILLIMAX

- Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel: COR-TEN

- Wear resistant/ Abrasion resistant steels: CREUSABRO, DILLIDUR, ROC, DOMEX

- Extremely high resistance steels: HARDOX, WELDOX, DOCOL, RAEX

- Boiler systems: A516 (GR 60 – 65 – 70), P275, P355

- Stainless steel

- Galvanized steel

- Pickled steel

- Pre-coated steel



Gualini Lamiere International S.p.a

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