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For Gualini Lamiere International, the lifting sector concentrates on the production of complete mechanical components and systems for earth moving machines, quay cranes, shipping cranes, machines for the building industry and for shipyards.

For more than twenty years the company has been working with important constructors operating on both national and foreign markets.




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The shipping transport sector sees Gualini Lamiere International as one of the protagonists in the construction of structural systems and sub systems with an extremely high technological content. The company entered the naval sector in the first years of the new millennium and here it has acquired significant experience in the construction of semi-finished products for structures inside and outside the hull, of floating pontoons for transporting goods and for temporary traffic circulation, up to the more recent and complete construction of innovative modular ferries that can be transported via land.


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Power transmission, telecommunications and lighting poles



Gualini Lamiere International is heavily involved in the planning and production of polygonal poles and the relative systems and accessories used in the sectors of telecommunications, power transmission, lighting and wind power.

The poles of bent metal sheet are produced using all the materials provided for by these applications: from the classic carbon steel S355JR to the highly resistant steels with varying  thicknesses from 4 to 25 mm. There are no limitations as far as height or diameter are concerned.

In the lighting pole sector, Gualini Lamiere produces a wide range of lighting towers with a mobile or fixed crown and with a fixed platform. All the structures are designed in compliance with the Eurocodes.



The production of these modular ferries that can be disassembled, the first two of which have been delivered to the government of Ghana, highlight the strong production and organisational capacity of Gualini Lamiere International in the realisation of complete sheet metal products, within the context of a partnership with an extremely synergic customer. In particular, the Ghanaian order  involved close collaboration with Janson Bridging which enabled the order to be completed in record time: two ferries, with a hull length of nearly 37 metres and over 12 metres in width and a load capacity of about 320 tons, produced in three months, using 520 tons of steel and involving nearly 20,000 machining hours, 8,000 of which were for the welding operations. These figures gain even more relevance when consideration is given to the fact that modifications had to be made to the project and to the construction while the work was in progress. The handling of the order highlighted the effective application of co-design and concurrent engineering techniques.

Gualini Lamiere has the resources to be able to adapt to customers’ requirements, offering design, production, installation and after-sales services. In other words, the firm offers an efficient and prompt turnkey service.


Gualini Lamiere International S.p.a

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