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From the planning to the construction of the finished product!

From 2005 onwards, Gualini Lamiere International has set new strategies in place, carrying out a profound reorganisation of its production and commercial departments and also taking steps to update and retrain personnel to achieve even higher levels of professional expertise. This approach aims to reinforce the company’s role as a global partner for sheet metal, starting from the advanced skills and technologies of its service centre. It also allows the company to handle forms of alliance and partnership with industrial realities that can integrate, whether upstream or downstream, with the value chain of Gualini Lamiere. The work of Gualini Lamiere as General Contractor is seen in this light, offering its customers the complete management of the order: from the planning to the production, installation and testing of finished sheet metal products. This activity eliminates the difficulties that often occur, both with regard to the level of quality of the product and the cost of the entire project, when orders are entrusted to various suppliers with complementary technologies.


Gualini Lamiere International has an engineering office where the company’s highly qualified personnel and external experts work side by side the customer during the development and executive planning of the finished products in sheet metal. Starting from the customer’s requirements and the specific details of the product application, the Gualini Lamiere staff pinpoint the best solutions in terms of materials, production technologies and quality control in close collaboration with the production departments.

Order Managment


The Gualini Lamiere International service covers the whole life cycle of the products: from the study, experimentation and planning phases to the production of the components in sheet metal, the assembly, testing, installation and finally the maintenance. All the stages are managed in an integrated way by a project manager who also uses concurrent engineering techniques as well as specially developed software to optimise the human and instrumental resources involved with the order.


Cuncurrent engignering finished product iron steel constraction

Testing and Inspection


In compliance with the certifications held by Gualini Lamiere International, the technical staff defines, together with the customer, the production and control plan which is strictly adhered to during the progress of the whole order until the drawing up of the final testing and inspection documents.


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Transportation and Delivery


Gualini Lamiere International takes care of all the transportation and delivery phases of the finished products with the handling of the relevant transportation documents both in Italy and abroad.

The packaging is provided following safety criteria and with an eye to the cost for all types of transportation and destination. For products made in-house, the company is able to handle the phases of on-site installation.



Gualini Lamiere International S.p.a

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